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World Peace
This is about bringing together 4 movements that are prevelant in the world.  United our power increases. 1  One is the Peace Movement, which works worldwide towards bringing an absence of     wars through political means. 
What is this organization, World Peace Alliance, about?
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2. The second is the human potential movement, wherein attention is given to the individual.      They seek to find ways to improve one’s financial well being, and relationships.  These     people either seek improvement through psychological means, spiritual means,     or a combination of both. 3. The third is called the “freedom movement” which is worldwide in scope. In this movement,     people seek an end to tyrannical rule.  Some of them know of the “elite” consolidation of power     world-wide. Others believe the problems originate in their own individual nations. 4. These people are interested in world peace, and believe they can bring it about through     spiritual means.
Max Igan (4. above) is working for world peace, and he is involved in a world-wide meditation for peace on earth.  He is aware of the so-called “elite,” and he is also part of the movement for freedom world-wide.  He fits into category 1 because he believes in political action such as restoration of the U.S. Constitution.  Fitting category 3, he knows of the “elite” attempt at consolidation of power, and he advocates restoration of freedom for all.
Bruce Lipton knows of the “elite” and their power, that at its core it is a spiritual in nature, and it manifests in the political and financial arena.  He knows of the power of consciousness that everyone has.  He is part of the human potential movement, fitting into category 2, above, and other categories. Joe Vitale, and “The Secret,” fit mainly in category 2.