There is important information the so-called “elite” have been attempting to prevent the general population from understanding? 
Gregg Braden tells us some of The Secret in his videos and books.
The correct meaning of “World Peace.” Peace is more than the absence of nations at war. It is health. It is prosperity. It is freedom. When people are diseased, they are not at ease, or not at peace. When they are hungry for food, or thirsty, they are not at peace. When confined by rules and laws that are unreasonable, people are also not at peace. There is one primary reason that people on earth are not in an outward state of peace, and that is inward spiritual poverty. Those who seek peace on earth, need to find their own peace within. We are the change we seek. World-wide, there are groups forming who are, through spiritual means, bringing about world peace. WORLD PEACE ALLIANCE represents a unity of the organizations.
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Using statistical methods it's been discovered that crime decreases, and war-like activities are at least drastically reduced, when the square root of 1 percent of the population of an area becomes peace inwardly, and they meditate upon a condition of peace. As Ghandi said, "We are the change we seek." Experiments have been conducted all over the world, with coordinated efforts on the internet. The square root of 1 percent of the population of the people on the planet is also approximately the number of so-called "elite" (who promote the opposite of peace) on earth.
“As early as 1957, professor Hans Eysenck, then chairman of the Psychology Department at the University of London, ...gigantic conspiracy ...to silence the truth about what we knew about the power of human consciousness.”
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“There are very powerful people, and there are people with virtually no power at all.  ...every human being is equally powerful in their ability to shape the planet...” “They didn’t become more powerful [than us]. The reason they [the “elite” seemed to be] ...more powerful is they took our power from us.”
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This organization, WORLD PEACE ALLIANCE, represents a unity, or alliance, with other groups. Look at the links page, for other organizations that are bringing about world peace. Some are promoting peace by advocating affluence, and peaceful relationships between men and women.  
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